unique device concept for Lash&Brow

Invention revolutionalizing beauty business

The brow industry emerged
as a beauty industry separate sector

£20 million

pounds spent in The Great Britain eyebrow care industry in 2015 compared to 6.5 million in 2010.

$132,4 million

spent for eyebrow care, being 11% of the $1,2 billion worldwide makeup market turnover.

104-1052 %

jump in the professional eyebrow cosmetics sales and tools for the eyelash and eyebrow professionals in 2020 (compared to 2019). In Russia mandatory face masks enhanced the eyebrow and eyelashes care spendings even further.

Certain treatment
in high demand

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Henna and oxidative dyes.

Eyebrows and eyelashes hair permanent modification

i.e. curling or straightening.

Brows and lashes hair growth activation and treatment cosmetics usage.

Common aftermath

Problem 1

Weak or short term effect after colouring.

Problem 2

Permanent hair modification unsustainable outcome

in both curling and straightening.

Problem 3

Lengthy treatment residence time.

For instance, the hair permanent modification treatment might be multi staged and take up to 1,5-2 hours.

reduces environmental temperature negative
impact on the treatment outcome
and residence time.


Enhance hair and skin colouring
intensity up to 70-100%

within the normal treatment residence time.


Boosts coloured hair and skin
toughness up to 15-30%

within the normal or diminished treatment chemicals exposure time.


Increase permanent modification
sustainable outcome

within the normal chemicals exposure time.


Boosts substances application long
lasting effect for hair care and growth.

The beauty industry faced new challenges
during 2020 pandemic

The beauty industry financial plummet leads to increasing beauty market professionals and equipment producers competition and revenue race.

Beauty market 2021-2022 challenges

The upcoming challenges boosted research and alternative revenue sources. Referring to Charles Darwin those who will be able to transform the business for sustainable development in the changing environment, win.

Lash&Brow professionals survey results

84,4% Lash&Brow professionals poll flagged innovations and breakthrough techniques industry deficit. However, the same poll segment stated that they will take a training on any unique equipment or innovative treatment techniques increasing market competitiveness.

Lash&Brow professionals survey results

96% Lash&Brow professionals would prefer bearing unique skills or device boosting treatment quality and sustainability, reducing processing time, attract clientele attention and gain an industry advantageous position.

Lash&Brow professionals survey results

89% Lash&Brow small business owners would like to have innovative devices and equipment reducing residence time, boosting efficacy and sustainability, improving professional reputation and optionally to establish new educational courses as well.

REM NimbleHeat
for professional
electrical equipment

Lash&brow market
analysis results:


The pandemic boosted a competition in the Lash&Brow market segment for both beauty venues and sole professionals.


Lash&Brow industry professionals are in searching for new solutions in service quality surge in a bid to win the clients and competitiveness boost as well.


Electric equipment manufacturers mainly got no presence on the Lash&Brow beauty market.


Lash&Brow market segment is virtually free for electric equipment manufacturers.


Lack of innovative solutions in the segment cause possible revenue losses for the equipment manufacturers becoming of utmost importance during the crisis period.


What are you waiting for?
Fill the Lash&Brow market gap, become
a market leader, trendsetter and drive innovation.

More than $132 million
annual eyebrow care
spending worldwide.

What’s your business share?

Your immediate
business opportunities:

Become the first equipment producer
for new beauty trend

Offer your clients an innovative device

Boost new business revenue sources

Amazing opportunity to step into
or nail down your beauty market leadership

for beauty industry masters

Treatment residence time reduction

Saving time with simultaneous quality boost significantly increase client’s comeback.


Enhancing hair and skin colouring intensity and toughness. Permanent hair modification sustainable results.


The opportunity to provide new eyebrow and eyelid treatment using REM NimbleHeat (for beauty venues and sole professionals).

Opportunity to provide NimbleHeat handling educational programs for beauty courses and tutorials.

New business pathways

The device is patented by Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) and through the International Patent Registration form in accordance with PCT procedure.

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